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Shapes and Sizes


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    Magnets come in a variety of shapes and sizes please see a list below for different options and prices

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    Additional information


    RECTANGLE 45mm x 75mm, RECTANGLE 90mm x 55mm, RECTANGLE 90mm x 60mm, RECTANGLE 90mm x 70mm, RECTANGLE 100mm x 70mm, RECTANGLE 110mm x 75mm, RECTANGLE 110mm x 60mm, RECTANGLE 120mm x 100mm, RECTANGLE 130mm x 75mm, RECTANGLE 110mm x 100m, RECTANGLE 200mm x 145mm, ROUND CORNERS 90mm x 55mm, ROUND CORNERS 96mm x 69mm, ROUND CORNERS 200mm x 70mm, SQUARES 45mm x 45mm, SQUARES 55mm x 55mm, SQUARES 60mm x 60mm, SQUARES 100mm x 100mm, CIRCLES 60mm, CIRCLES 70mm, VAN SHAPES Toyota, VAN SHAPES Ford, VAN SHAPES Hyundai, HOUSE SHAPES 82mm x 52mm, OVAL 46mm x 82mm, PHOTOFRAMES 180mm x 130mm


    250, 500, 1000

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